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Homestead Exemption

Homestead exemption is a law passed by the Mississippi legislature in 1936 to give homeowners a reduction on their property taxes. To receive this tax break you must:

  1. File a homestead exemption application between January 1 and April 1
  2. Be a legal resident of the state of Mississippi
  3. Be current on your state of Mississippi income tax
  4. Be in compliance with the road and bridge privilege tax law
  5. Be an owner and occupant of property

The right to the exemption shall be determined according to the facts existing on January 1 of each year.

In 1994 the law was changed to one time filing of homestead exemption, which means that once you file homestead exemption you do not have to re-file unless you have had one of the following changes in the preceding year:

  1. Change of ownership of your property
  2. Marital status (if you were separated, divorced or married during the receding year)
  3. Use or occupancy (if you no longer occupy this house or rent any part)
  4. Purchased another home
  5. New residents of Leflore county who purchased a home must file a new application
  6. If you became sixty five years of age or disabled (bring proof of age or disability)
  7. Death of a spouse

When Filing Homestead Exemption For The First Time You Must Bring:

  1. Social security numbers for owner and spouse
  2. Copy of deed
  3. Amount paid for the property
  4. Amount paid down on property
  5. Car tag numbers

The two types of homestead exemptions are regular and special homestead. If you receive regular homestead exemption, you get a dollar amount taken off your taxes based on the value of the property. Special homestead exemption is for individuals over the age of sixty-five or disabled. You must bring proof of your age or disability and re-file your homestead exemption to receive these additional breaks. The special homestead exemption provides an exemption up to $75,000 of value on homeowner's property. This means that if your property appraised at $75,000 or less you would not have to pay any taxes. If your property is appraised above $75,000 you only pay taxes on the amount above $75,000.